Count Down to World War III: 2015 and Beyond

Count Down to World War III: 2015 and Beyond
TitleCount Down to World War III: 2015 and Beyond
This book was written to inform everyone of the coming events in our country, our civilization and our world. It describes future world wars and catastrophes that our world will face. It also names people who are responsible for causing these tragic events, as well as gives dates as to when these events will take place. It combines politics and religion, and tells how the two of them are related in causing these catastrophes. This book discusses not only the future of our planet, but also a person's purpose for being in this world. A book that must be read by those who are concerned about future events in this world. The author of this book chooses to remain anonymous. He or she goes only by the name of "L". "L" claims to have been chosen by a messenger of GOD to tell everyone the truth about events leading up to the end of this world. "L" also claims to reveal the true story of Jesus Christ.
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